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Итоги Международной Конференции «Древесно-полимерные композиты 2011»

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Старт дан.

«Wood-Plastic Composites 2011» Conference finally clarified the situation on the newly-established Russian WPC market. The Conference revealed about twenty local producers, however importers are still playing the locomotive role for this new product. In 2011, the total domestic output of wood-filled composites amounted to less than four thousand tons, since the majority of the companies at that moment were on the initial start-up stages or were developing formulas.

Over the past year the manufacturers have started production and have formulated their position in relation to the market; due to the lack of comprehensive regulations in Russia part of producers are considering exports, however the domestic market also has a great potential.

Nevertheless, the quality of Russian composite decking is still far from perfect, both due to formula selection problems, and also to the low-cost equipment installed. According to the interviews, even the owners of units supplied from Asia start to consider investment into Western equipment, which means that there is a trend to increase quality across the industry in general.

In which direction WPC market should continue to develop in order to generate profit instead of losses – this is one of the key questions for the upcoming «WPC 2012» Conference.

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